Morgan & Nick
Horsham, VIC
Held at Larharum Grove on a classic bright and sun-drenched, dry Australian day in the blistering sun. The olive grove nestled in the base of the Grampians provided an epic location for this wedding.

The guestlist included a lot of people! It was a full house, with a ton of friends and family of the couple who have both spent their childhood in the area. Morgan (who looked stunning in her Grace Loves Lace bodysuit/skirt) opted for no bridesmaids, rather having a lovely brunch with all her gals at home while she got ready. The guests had canapes and cocktails while the couple had photos up in the olive trees. We returned and the party kicked off - these guys in the country really knew how to party!

I nipped off to let them enjoy it without me snapping away.xx

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